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Fundraising Support.
Through our friends at FundEd we can help the schools we work with.

Getting ‘The Show On The Road’


Once you know what you want to raise money for, how much you need to raise and have a time frame in which to raise it, you can put a strategy in place to succeed.


This guide will focus on the fundraising, however if you need support developing your initial strategy the following will help with that too


If you would like FundEd to review your fundraising options either fill in our review questionnaire or email the following information to


1. What are you looking to raise funds for?

2. The benefits of this item to the children in your school?

3. How much do you need to raise and what have you achieved so far if anything?

4. The location, size, and type of school.

5. Do you have a PTA or other volunteer support?




Fundraising, as opposed to funding in general, is used to buy products and services that provide an enriched education. The nature of these products and services will help you build a compelling story and highlight the positive outcomes that your fundraising will achieve for the pupils at your school.


The types of Fundraising activity that will work for you will depend on your particular situation, where you are located, the type of school you are and levels of deprivation if any you are affected by. Some schools will be more successful in grant applications, whilst others due to their circumstance might find it easier to raise funds through parents and the local community.


Activities will also be influenced by any taff or volunteers that can help you, how much time you have and levels of experience and knowledge of fundraising within the school.


Fundraising can provide benefit across the school community, so involve as many staff as you can when planning your strategy. If you have a PTA or equivalent, work with them and let them know where you need support.


Successful fundraising can boost morale and raise the profile of the school, so also make time to look back at past campaigns. If it worked before it could work again.

Further information can be found here:

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