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Premises / Facilities Management

Ensuring that your school premises remain in good repair and compliant can be a real headache for schools, especially if you are a small school that does not have a full time School Business Manager or Site Manager.  


JEM Education Support Services  can provide you with a tailored, support package for your school.  Removing the hassle of this burden from you and providing you with a compliant, outsourced premises management solution.

Statutory Premises Compliance Management Service Level Agreement

The service we provide is tailored to the uniqueness of small schools as we understand that you are already have ‘To Do’ lists stretching out the door and finding the time to monitor statutory compliance is difficult but the consequences of letting this area slip can be career ending.


We provide you with a fully managed Statutory Premises Compliances Management Service, which ensures that all testing and servicing that is a statutory requirement is undertaken competently by our trusted and vetted contractors.  We are only too aware that there are some contractors that do not provide you with a cost effective and competent service which is why we have taken the time to ensure that the contractors that work via our service level agreement are fully vetted, competent contractors that have agreed to work to our Code of Practice.


Once the testing or servicing visit has been undertaken we will review the visit report and ensure that you understand the content and act on the compliance related matters and plan for any other works going forward.


We offer a fully managed service and provide you with access to:


  • Access to trusted contractors

  • Helpdesk/advice line

  • Provide you with template policies and risk assessments

  • Set up and monitor compliance contracts

  • Provide you with an Annual Health and Safety review


The cost for our Statutory Compliance Premises Management Service Level Agreement is:


£1850.00 + VAT


The service level agreement runs from April – March and the fee is payable over 10 monthly payments.


It is easy for small schools to see this an unnecessary expense, when they are trying to stop their budgets from falling in to a deficit but what is the management of Statutory Premises Compliance Management costing you now? 


How many man hours do you lose with the in-house administration of this task?


How much are you spending on contractors?


Are you confident that all aspects of the statutory premise’s compliance are fully managed?

What are the consequences if they are not fully managed?


We are confident that out-sourcing to this service will save you money in the long term.


Do you work together with a cluster of schools? 

Do you work in collaboration with other small schools in your postcode area?

If you do, then speak to us about our group pricing.

A template of the service level agreement can be seen here.

Linked Services


  • 3/5 Year Rolling maintenance programme

  • Capital Project Management

  • Cleaning audit

  • Condition Survey

  • Deep Clean service

  • Engineering/Fabrications Services

  • Fire Risk Assessment and Training

  • Fixed Asset Register

  • Gutter clearing

  • Health and Safety

  • ICT Solutions

  • PAT Testing

  • Planned reactive and preventative maintenance

  • Project management

  • Routine maintenance

  • Security audit

  • Swimming Pools commissioning/De-Commissioning

  • Training

  • Tree Services


These are opt-in services for you, provided at an additional cost but this means you only opt in to purchasing them when you need them!  Not annually!


Our Office Manager Emma will manage your school premises via our management system, all contracts and associated documents are logged and stored online for ease of access.  We will review the worksheets making sure that you are aware of any remedial works that need to be undertaken, instructing works if required.  

All site visits are prearranged with you ensuring that the contractor attends site when it is convenient for you!

Specialists in premises management, with experience of working in schools our staff will provide you with all the support you need on a day to day basis, our aim is to make your work life easier. 

Handyman/Caretaker Service

Our handyman/caretaker service is there to give you access to reliable, professionals who can tackle those day to day jobs for you.  All staff DBS enhanced cleared and checked.

Can undertake:


  • Adhoc Caretaking service to cover for holidays/absence

  • Compliance checks

  • General handyman tasks

  • Gutter clearing

  • Planned reactive and preventative maintenance

  • Plumbing

  • Project management

  • Regular contracted hours or one-off call outs

Covering Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Suffolk and parts of Norfolk.


Speak to us about how we can support you and your school.  

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